Do You Have Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain?

Ankle pain can be, well, a pain. It can limit mobility and, if conditions worsen, can cause severe damage to the foot and ankle. Chronic lateral ankle pain, specifically, can cause pain, swelling, and tenderness. Although lateral ankle pain can only be diagnosed by a qualified physician, there are a few ways to determine if it may be the cause of pain experienced in the ankle region.

Common Signs Of Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

  • Recent injury. Chronic lateral ankle pain often occurs after an injury to the ankle, such as a sprain. Too often, once the initial pain of the injury subsides, people begin bearing weight and using the ankle before it is fully healed. The ligament in the ankle is still weak and should be left to heal for at least four to six weeks after the sprain occurs.
  • Severe pain. One of the most common symptoms of chronic lateral ankle pain is severe pain on the outside of the ankle. It is often sharp when weight is beared on the leg and dull when the ankle is at rest. The ankle can also be tender to the touch and hurt when moved.
  • Instability. Another common side effect of chronic lateral ankle pain is having difficulty walking on the injured ankle. It tends to feel unstable and can roll or give out when walking or putting weight on it.

To diagnose chronic lateral ankle pain, a physician will complete a thorough exam. Certain tests, such as x-rays or MRIs, may be recommended. This gives the doctor a better understanding of the pain and ensures nothing else is causing it.

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