Common reasons people put off surgery (and why you shouldn’t)

Even though it’s my way of life, I understand that surgery, especially on an ankle or foot, is no fun to go through. Unfortunately, for many of my patients, it is often a necessity. Sometimes those I treat have waited quite some time to go through with a procedure. The reasons for waiting are varied, but there is almost always a universal relief that comes with finally taking care of the foot or ankle issue at hand. Having a procedure allows a patient to feel relief and work toward getting back to a regular routine, and that’s why I always encourage patients to fix the problem before it gets out of control. Below are a few reasons I see people put off getting a surgery. If any of these excuses are familiar to you, take some time to evaluate if you are acting in your best interest.


It’s understandable that a patient might be worried about any hurting that comes with going under the knife. Thankfully, modern technology has significantly reduced the amount of pain that accompanies surgery. Whether you are getting bunion correction or a total ankle replacement, you will have either full or local anesthesia during the procedure, appropriate pain medication when it is completed, and for more complex cases, a nurse on call immediately after your surgery.

Recovery time

When you look at the numbers on paper, recovery time might seem endless. If you are waiting to get back to the activities you love, the wait can certainly be tough. Still, at the end of the months of recovery, you will be as good as or better than before your injury. For most of my patients, having a fixed ankle or foot is worth any moderate wait time.

Middle of the season

It’s not uncommon for injured athletes to want to wait until the end of the season to come in for a procedure. The common thought is that waiting will allow more time in the game. Unfortunately, that plan sometimes backfires when players “push through the pain” and make an injury worse than it was to begin with. This can add to the complexity of the surgery and even extend the time they are forced to sit out. If you are an injured athlete, remember that earlier treatment is key to avoiding bigger problems down the line. In fact, seeking care sooner might lead to a positively surprising diagnosis, like a sprain instead of a tear.


If finances are tight, it might be easy to justify other purchases over medical procedures. Unfortunately, this can actually cause more elaborate surgeries later, which might be more expensive. We accept Medicare, PPO plans, and some HMO insurance plans. If you are out of our network, our staff can submit your claim to your insurance company so that you can receive a reimbursement.

It’s easy to put off something you’re dreading, and a foot or ankle surgery often falls under that category. While your worries might be reasonable, it’s important to know that delaying an inevitable procedure is not an ideal solution. If you have specific concerns, feel free to call or make an appointment today to discuss your options.