Why we love adipose derived stem cells

Even if you have no medical background, if you live in or around New York, you’ve probably heard about stem cells and how they are used in the health field. There are many ways that these cells are used to treat various conditions, from minor to severe. For years, the words were surrounded with a controversial question of ethics. But today, stem cells have much less divisiveness behind their use. In fact, they are widely acclaimed as breakthrough resources. In our clinic, we use adipose derived stem cells (ASC) to help repair and regenerate acute and damaged tissues. The research behind this technique is exciting and promising, and we apply it to help patients restore their foot and ankle health. Here are a few specific reasons why we love stem cell treatment, and why we think you might, too.

They are easy to obtain

If you’re searching for adipose derived stem cells, look no further than in your own body! First, it’s important to understand what exactly “adipose tissue” is. Put simply, it’s a nice way of saying “fat.” As noted by Science Daily, “adipose tissue, or fat, is an anatomical term for loose connective tissue composed of adipocytes. Its main role is to store energy in the form of fat, although it also cushions and insulates the body.” Stem cells are much easier to find here than in your bone marrow, so when we harvest cells that will be helping restore your tissue, we have several places to look.

The process has great potential

Scientists are still researching all the ways that stem cells can be used to help our bodies. While some studies have been debunked, others have provided great insight into how they can be applied with success. In our office, we use them around damaged joints with the hope of repairing, reconstructing, and replacing damaged tissue.

It’s easy on the patient

Even though it is a sophisticated treatment, using stem cells does not take much time or energy. In fact, you can expect to have the procedure done in one day, with no overnight stay and minimal healing time. Typically, the procedure is performed in an ambulatory surgery center under local or light sedation. A small puncture is made through the skin of the lower abdomen, or “love handles.” Fat is collected, and combined and processed with sterile saline solution, during which the fat is washed, rinsed, and resized into smaller clusters. Debris, blood, inflammatory cells, and fatty oils are removed as the desirable remainder of the fat is concentrated. The final product is then injected into the treatment site, and patients are monitored via routine checkups in the months that follow.

We think that adipose derived stem cells are truly spectacular in their power and possibility. If you have any questions about the process or your options, be sure to give us a call or schedule an appointment. We want to make sure you have the best care possible!