New Jersey Phoenix Thera-Lase System

The Phoenix-Thera Lase System is a new high power laser therapy system which induces certain photochemical reactions in the soft tissues to provide healing.

Photon energy particles emitted from the laser are absorbed by photoreceptors in the cell, and allows for increased oxygenation and blood flow. The Phoenix laser precipitates a series of physiological reactions at the cellular level, which reduces acute inflammation and pain, and accelerates tissue healing.

The Phoenix laser uses between 20 and 75 watts, which is higher than other lasers used in a non-invasive, non-thermal manner. This safely delivers 50-200 times the therapy than other lower wave, non-thermal devices, and to deeper targets away from the skin.

Indications in the foot and ankle can include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, acute injuries, and bone healing.